Sitemap - 2020 - The Roots of Progress

The Roots of Progress 2020 year-end review

When life was literally full of crap

What is “protein folding”? A brief explanation

Progress, stagnation, and flying cars

Innovation is not linear

My review of The Rise and Fall of American Growth

Industrial literacy

Is technology actually making things better? A dialogue

The Roots of Progress subscription: what would you be interested in?

Wednesday: Adam Mossoff on the philosophy and law of the patent system

Study Group for Progress – 50% off

19th-century progress studies

Why haven't we celebrated any major achievements lately?

Announcing the Study Group for Progress

“What world do you want to build?” My interview with Build the Future

Tomorrow: Progress studies in K-12 education with Ray Girn, Lisa VanDamme and Kyle Steele

Crowdfunding a transcontinental railroad in 1857

Tomorrow: Joel Mokyr on “Attitudes, Aptitudes, and Progress: How the Modern Age Got Started”

What should I ask Deirdre McCloskey, author of the Bourgeois Era trilogy?

Sunday: Panel on optimism with Tammy Winter & Trevor McKendrick

Max Roser Wednesday; panel on optimism June 28

Patrick Collison Wednesday; video of Tyler Cowen

Tyler Cowen, Patrick Collison, Max Roser, and Deirdre McCloskey on “The Torch of Progress”

Tomorrow: New interview series begins, “The Torch of Progress”

Sunday: Panel discussion on funding research

Saturday: Live interview about the field of progress studies

My current obsession: funding for research

Funding models for science and invention

A builder manifesto

TONIGHT: Live interview on the race for a COVID-19 cure and the history of medicine

Pandemics and progress

Studying agriculture, with the garage door up

Funding models, leadership, and coronavirus

Our best weapons against disease don't work on COVID-19

How early American inventors funded their ventures

Epistemic standards for “Why did it take so long to invent X?”

Some things that happened in 1973

The plight of the poor

How sanitation conquered disease long before vaccines or antibiotics

Podcast interview: Palladium with Ash Milton

Podcast interview: Market Power with Craig Palsson

SF event Friday: The Roots of Progress at Long Now happy hour

2019 in review